Quizmaker and Moodle

I have built some very basic quizzes in Quizmaker, saved them in the SCORM 1.2 format and uploaded them into Moodle 1.9.  Whenever someone takes the quiz, a grade of 100% shows up in the gradebook, no matter how many questions they missed.  I'm sure it is a setting that I have wrong somewhere but I don't know where.  Any ideas?


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Dan Marsden

check the max grade setting in Moodle - also this link:

if it still doesn't work - use the debugging feature in Moodle:

and look at the logs displayed to see what grade is passed from your Quizmaker object into Moodle.

Priscilla Nunes

Sorry guys, I committed a fault - I had not tested all the possibilities and now figured out how to solve my problem.

Articulate Quizmaker sends notes to Moodle from 00 to 100, ie, the SCORM package must be configured to enforce a note from 00 to 100. Before I knew it, I was configuring the package for the highest score, 00 to 10, then every time someone got a grade greater than 10% in the test, Moodle automatically assigns 100% on the gradebook.

So I started to put the note up to 100, the intermediate grades began to appear.

Dan Marsden

did you check the first link in my post above?


check the SCORM settings in Moodle for "Grading method", "Attempts grading", "Maximum Grade"

There's also more information on all the scorm settings here: