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I've created a branching slide where users choose 1 of 3 employees to start a quiz. They are then led through linear questioning for that employee.

At the end of the quiz for the first user, I want them to return to initial the branch page so they can choose another user. When I tried this, I was unable to select an employee. However, I could hit Next (see attachment). This isn't ideal as I want the user to choose what employee they do next instead of being forced to do them in a particular sequence. 

To get around this, I duplicated the branch slide and included it at the end of each question group (and at the start of the quiz). However, when I preview/publish this, the branch works first time round and that's it. When I try to click an option/employee a second time, I can't. Is this to do with the fact that Quizmaker does not let you go backwards? If so why can I select the first slide or an earlier slide in the series?

It's not quite working the way I expected it to work so I'm wondering if I've missed something or if there is an alternative solution? Any advice would be much appreciated before I start to strip it apart and create the branch in Presenter instead.



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Jeanette Brooks

Hey Sarah! First of all, your slide design totally rocks. I love it!!

Regarding your issue - yeah, the initial selection stays selected & the learner can't change their choice, because what's happening is, the learner already hit "Submit" on that question. So, their choice remains fixed & they can't go back and change it unless they finish the quiz or relaunch the quiz. What you can do, though, is let the learner get all the way to the end of the quiz (i.e., to the result slide) and then give them a Retry button to start the quiz over fresh, so they can do it with a different character. To do this, you'd go to the Properties at the bottom of your quiz placeholder slide in PowerPoint, and change "User May Attempt Quiz" to Unlimited. You'd also want to remove the yellow "Done" choice on the first quiz slide.

I'd probably also change change the text labels on the Retry and Finish button too, to fit your situation better. Like, I'd probably change the Retry button to something like "Try the scenario with a different character" and maybe change the Finish button to "I'm ready to move on."

Hope that helps!