Quizmaker Branching -- Not Working Quite Right

I've created a quiz with three questions. Each question is followed by two blank slides (one with feedback for the correct answer and one with feedback for the incorrect answer). I've set the branching up and everything works correctly EXCEPT in the last question.

In that third question I've set the branching for both of the blank slides that follow it (with the correct/incorrect feedback) to "Finish Quiz." If I answer that question correctly, I get the correct feedback slide, but then instead of finishing the quiz I continue to the next slide, which gives the incorrect feedback. I don't understand why this is happening. Shouldn't the quiz end at that point? That's what I want to have happen.

What am I doing wrong? I don't want learners to see both slides of feedback! Can anyone help?

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David Anderson

Hi Laura,

Thanks for posting your file.

Okay, just noticed you didn't have any branching set on the final (3rd question). Add the branching for the correct and incorrect answers and the quiz should complete like you expect. You also set Feedback to None so I changed it to Answer (but Question would also work).

What's happening is Quizmaker is moving along through each blank slide at the end--it doesn't know those are supposed to be feedback slides. 

Can you see if that helps?