Quizmaker branching: scoring problem on retry

Feb 09, 2015


I have built a quiz using Quizmaker 13 using the following steps below:

1) The quiz has 3 Question Groups.

i) Question Group 1 contains a survey question with 2 options to allow the user to select which question group to view.

ii) Question Groups 2 and 3 contains the questions.

2) I have set up branching correctly.

3) After selecting and answering the first set of questions (Question Group 2) correctly (or incorrectly), the user is taken to the results screen where they are able to review the results and/or retake the quiz.

4) Pressing 'Retry Quiz' takes the user back to Question Group 1 and the survey question with the 2 options.

5) The user is free to take either set of questions and decides to take the second set of questions (Question Group 3).

6) When the user has completed this set of questions they are never able to achieve 100% (only 50% maximum) because the quiz still thinks Question Group 2 is in the system and sends all the answers from Question Group 2 as incorrect (this can be seen when I review the quiz).

Could anybody throw some light on what might be causing this problem please?

Many thanks


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Andy Frost

HI Leslie,

I've sent over the .quiz file for you to look at - thanks.

To confirm when running the quiz. If you choose Question group 1, answer the 3 questions you are presented with the results page. Hit Retry Quiz and choose Question group 2, answer the 3 questions and the results page is displaying the incorrect score.



Leslie McKerchie

Hello Jenny and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

I took a look at Andy's case and he was needing multiple results slide which is not a feature of Quizmaker.

This thread is a bit dated though, so could you tell us a bit about what software you are utilizing and what you are wanting to accomplish? Multiple results slides is certainly doable with Storyline :)

Jennifer Najduch


Thank you so much for your email. In my quiz, I have a survey question
(Select Your Role, group 1) that directs people to Non-hospital (group 2)
or Hospital (group 3). The Non-hospital branch scores correctly, but
Hospital branch counts all of the questions in Non-hospital as incorrect. I
have tested a couple of different ways, and the last group, whether it be
Hospital or non, always scores incorrectly. Each groups have questions with
points that equal 100. How do I tell the quiz to only count the questions
in the group that is seen?

Thank you!

[image: Inline image 2]

Jenny Najduch

Hi Alyssa, 

I'm following up on this as it's still an issue for me almost a year later. To answer your questions:

  • I'm using Articulate 360
  • There is branching in the quiz file - the first and only question in Group 1 takes learners to Group 2 or Group 3; learners only see one of those two groups based on their role
  • There is just one result slide
  • We have tested the published file locally and on our LMS with the same results

Thank you!

Jenny Najduch

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for your reply. I am on the latest version of Articulate 360. The issue is that when user click "retry quiz" on the results page, they are scored on all of the questions in the test, not just the questions they are seeing (they see one of two banks based on role). The first time through, Quizmaker only scores on the questions seen (which is what we want). 

I spoke with someone from Articulate support yesterday; his solution was to set the score to 50% to make up for seeing only half the questions. That will not work because on the first time they are scored on all of the questions, not half, so they would only need to score 50% to pass. 

I've attached a file here I've been using to test. Appreciate your feedback!

Crystal Horn

Hi again, everyone!   I'm excited to let you know that we just released update 20 for Studio 360! It includes some fixes - check them all out here.

One of the fixes addresses an issue where the results slide changes from Passed to Failed after reviewing a quiz, or exiting and resuming the quiz.

Here’s how you can update Studio 360 to take advantage of everything the latest release has to offer. Let me know how you make out!

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