Quizmaker Certificates

Hi.  I would like for my presenter quizmaker certificate to automatically include the user's name from the LMS (Efront open source version).  I know that you can require the user enter his name before printing-off scores...but I want to prevent someone from entering another person's name.  I've watched the screener video Brian Batts provided...but I don't know that it applies to "automatically" including the user's name (without the option for the user to enter his name).


1.  Is there a template out there that is set-up to do this?  Something that is already coded for this?

2.  The LMS I am using generates a course certificate with the user's name and score.  Would I be better-off disabling the articulate quizmaker "print certificate" option and requiring user to download the LMS certificate as validation of course score?



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