Quizmaker crashing when student attempts to answer question

Around 5-10% of the courses we have sold this year have failed because a Quizmaker Quiz in the course crashes when a student answers a question.

As the answer is selected, a red bar with Incorrect on it appears at the bottom of the screen. The red bar is what is shown for a wrong answer in a Review of a Quiz.  The only escape is to Exit the course. Here's a screenshot.Screenshot of failure  We reported this many weeks ago, but the only fix suggested was to ensure that Transitions in the Quizzes should be set to None. We did that, but the failures continued.  We deal with it on each occasion by running the course in the student's LMS account until we reach the test, then taking and passing it, then logging out so that when the student resumes it is on the slide following the test. This is not satisfactory in a regulated industry such as aviation.

We have changed each course so that there is only one test (Quiz) at the end. We are testing these in SCORM Cloud before uploading into the LMS. An hour ago we experienced this failure on the first question of a Quizmaker test in SCORM Cloud. 

This problem is beginning to destroy our business. Our market is a small community of expert professionals and word spreads quickly.  I sent an email 2 days ago to Articulate Support stating that and asking for urgent action to investigate the problem and come up with a fix. It is intensely disappointing not to have received any response. It is intensely annoying that each follow-up email, which has the Case No in the Subject line, simply gets an auto-response with a new case number.

I'm attaching the ZIP Presenter output for the course that failed in SCORM Cloud just now. If you need a Package please let me know.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jon - I do see where you've submitted many cases the past few days. The auto-responder is just that, and is an acknowledgement. I do see where our teams have been working to copy/paste your subsequent information back to the original case so that all of the information is in one place. You should be able to reply to your case e-mail to reply and correspond within the same case. 

Looks like your latest case came in over the weekend.

Thank you for testing the content in SCORM Cloud. When you are able to replicate issues there, we certainly would like to take a look at the project file.

Would you be able to share your Articulate Package for us to take a look? If you cannot share it here, let me know and I'll send you an e-mail from your support case so that we can keep all of the information together.