Quizmaker crashing without fail every 7th or 8th save

Sep 06, 2012

Hi All,

I'm new to the group, so hello!

Just wanted to ask you all about any issues with Quizmaker crashes, if that’s ok?

I recently amended a HUGE question bank that a colleague had made consisting of 64 Question Groups each containing approximately 12 questions that were randomised to show 1 question per group at runtime - all in one file (roughly 16mb in size).

With roughly 768 question to amend, I was severely held back by Quizmaker crashing approximately after every 7th or 8th save. I ended up saving after every question amendment because it would even corrupt the file on occasion. In the absence of any crashing I would routinely save as a new file every 20 questions but I was finding it so flaky I was making a new file after every question - so that ended up a lot of saving and crashing.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and if the size of the bank would be a factor? I'm thinking perhaps in the future it might be better to source the questions from 64 separate Quizmaker files each holding about 12 random questions. I had the exact issue at home on 2 different machines and back in the office, all running W7.

Anyone got any thoughts?



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Peter Anderson

Hi Stephen, welcome!

Yep, that's a really big project Your idea of building the course in separate files would most likely reduce the burden on your machine when saving, though ideally, Quizmaker should never freeze during a save. Then you could always import the various question groups from other quizzes into one main quiz when you're ready to publish. Of course, the publish and subsequent loading for users could be a long process as well.

The larger the quiz, the longer the quiz will take to load initially, regardless of the number of questions you decide to pull from the question group. So if you are only drawing 68 questions from a 768-question quiz, Quizmaker will still have to load all 768 questions. You'd have to test it to see if it would work for your individual needs. Good luck!

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