Quizmaker: Customising the "Invalid Answer" pop-up


I would like to be able to customise the Invalid Answer pop-up that shows when a learner tries to submit an incomplete answer to a question in a quiz.  Does anyone know is this is possible?

More specifically, can I change the wording and add voiceover to it, like one can with the right and wrong answer feedback pop-ups?

- Paul

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Paul,

You can customize that text by modifying the text labels on your quiz player template. In Quizmaker, click Player Templates > Edit > Text Labels. I think the items you want to edit are #31 and 32. Here's a bit more about customizing the text labels in Quizmaker. Also, regarding your question about adding audio to the message, there isn't currently a way to attach sound to the message, though that would make a good feature request.