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Jan 08, 2012

I have a course with a Quizmaker quiz that is working inconsistently. The course essentially has a test out in the beginning that allows you to skip over the majority of the course if you pass the initial quiz. The Quiz properties box has Pass set to go to Slide X at the end of the course and has Fail set to go to Next Slide.

Everything seems to work dandy with the exception of one question in the midde of the quiz. If you fail this question, you basically follow the Pass path and go to the end of the course. The question is set up the same way as every other one as far as I can tell.

Any suggestions as to where I can start to look for a fix?


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Brian Batt

Hi Wendy,

It looks like Gren was able to resolve your solution by using the method below:

"To resolve the issue, you'll just need to change the passing score to 100%. Since users need to answer all the questions correctly before they can pass and view the last quiz, then the passing score should be 100%, not 70%. 

Kindly try changing the passing score to 100%, republish the Presenter content, then test the output."

Just reply back to the support email if you need any additional help.

Wendy Garrison

@ Brian -- grrr.. I have run into a separate, but related issue with this same course/quiz. In setting the quiz to 100%, the user is failing when they answer Q1 incorrectly, and then Q1( duplicated) correctly. It should be set to only fail if Q1 and Q1 duplicate are both wrong. I am confused how to set the scoring up correctly in that instance.


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