Quizmaker finish action, Go to URL in Moodle


I hope someone can verify my thinking on this.I have to questions concerning the Finish Action in Quizmaker.

We're building a Course in Moodle, that contains several Quizmaker quizes (that will be delivered as SCORM-acitivities). In Moodle you can choose to play the SCORM in a new window, or in the same window.

We have chosen the last option: so the Moodle SCORm Player creates a 'stage' where the package is played, within a course page.

In Quizmaker you can set a Finish Action: what will happen when a student finishes the quiz. There are to options: Close Window or Go To URL. We would like to use the Go To URL and then redirect the student, on finishing the SCORM-lesson, to the main course page in Moodle.

However: the URL is opened within the stage  of Moodle. The result is a kind of Droste Effect. Is there a way to make the Finish URL open with a kind of target="_top"-setting?

When we use the 'Close window'-action, every course ends in the message 'The content has ended. You may close this window.' Now I have seen that this message is included in the file /lms/goodbye.html in the SCORM-package that Articulate creates.

Can I use that Goodbye.html-page to create a kind of 'finish slide' with a button, that will take the student to the main course page?

i hope my questions are clear. Thanks in advance!

Sytske van Hasselt.

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Sytske. I understand why you chose to play the quiz in the same window, however I would opt to open the quiz in a new window. I think that trying to customize the goodbye.html page may cause issues since I'm not sure if clicking a button on a page is going to keep someone logged into your moodle site. I'm honestly not that familiar with moodle so I could be totally wrong.

In any event, can you invite the users to multiple courses that they can view all on one page in moodle and allow them to open each one in a new window? That way you could have the finish action simply close the browser window and return them to the page that has all of the different lessons they can take. If that's possible to do in moodle, that's probably how I would try to set it up.

Phil Mayor

Hi have you tried adding a button (a shape with a hyperlink) to see if it works, I think you should stay logged in, but I wonder whether the quiz will report it is finished

I would also try adding quizmaker into articulate and then putting on the last slide a link to where you want to go


Sytske van Hasselt

Thanks for your input! @Justin: I will look into the opening in a new window. Moodle does allow for that, but in my experience the student first navigates to the 'activity page' from where the new window is opened. But reading your post I realize that there is a setting, that may open the window from the course page.

I have since discovered that you need to exit the quiz for Moodle to store the results. Than I realized the we can Navigate to a static HTML-page in a special website folder. From there we can link with target="_top". so instead of incorporating 'goodbye. html' in each lesson, we 'copy' it to a website folder and go to that url.

Thanks for thinking with me!


Sytske van Hasselt

Hello Phil and Justin,

I just discovered, that Moodle has a problem recording the result, when I set the Finish Action to 'Go to url'. If I choose Close window, the results are recorded correctly.

This week unfortunately I don't have the time to test and figure out in detail where the problem lies (Moodle or Quizmaker).

So for now I'll go with my first, slightly complicated solution, of encluding an altered 'goodbye.html' in the Scormzips I upload to my Moodle Environment.

Or is this per chance related to a know problem between quizmaker and moodle?

Sytske van Hasselt

Hey Jeff,

Beware, this is not a setting within Quizmaker. I replaced goodbye.html within the published zip-file.

The steps i took were the following:

- Create your adjusted goodbye.html and save it someplace on your computer.

- publish your quiz as you normally would, and let Articulate make the Zipfile

- open the just created zip file in a zip-program, or in a seperate Windows Explorer-window (i'm not familiar with this on a mac, sorry)

- browse, within the zip file, to the folder named 'lms'

- drag the adjusted goodbye.html into the zip file (in the folder lms)

Close the zip,

That should do the trick.

But remember: when you republish, you'll have to go through the above steps again.