Quizmaker 'Finish' button doesn't allow user to change answers

I have set up an assessment with an  80% pass rate.  If the user fails and selects 'Retry', they are taken back to the beginning of the quiz and are able to retake.  However, if they select the 'Finish' button, they are taken back to the start of the quiz but can't change any of the answers.  I have tried just about everything.  Please help :(

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Graeme Orchard

In regards to the initial question above, if a user who has failed the quiz wants to review the section of presentation content that then relates to the quiz they are wanting to reattempt. At present you can either click on "retry quiz' to do the quiz, or click on finish which can take you to previous area of the presentation.

My Question: is there are way that you can eg click on the "Finish" button so that the user can go back and review the material, but as they click through the slides will be able to reattempt the quiz?

Hope this makes sense. Looking forward to learn more Articulate tips and tricks