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Hi all,

I've done some research and what I am attempting to accomplish is that when a learner finishes an embeded quizmaker at the end of course module they are returned to a specific URL. Since I am publishing this in LMS if I use the open URL option it does not close the player window. Instead it opens the URL in the player window and we do not have the ability to scroll. I am using this file in Moodle and I know that the window needs to close in order for the score to be recorded.

I have broken a long and complex course down to smaller bites for clearity and the ability to review later down the line. I have tried the method listed under "Finish Button URL Opens when Quiz is published for CD"  here:  http://www.articulate.com/support/quizmaker09/kb/?cat=11 

I can get this to work, but since it does not close the previous window the course information does not get loaded into Moodle.

Any other suggestions on how I can direct traffic where I want it to go after the course has been completed?

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Joe Deegan

Hi Joshua,

One option I have gone with using Moodle is to paste the line of code below into the goodbye.html file.  This will take them back to the course site in the "Top" or "Parent" window.  I've noticed that sometimes this lags so I direct users to use the "Exit Activity" link which seems to cause the least amount of problems with scores being tracked and no lag.  Hope this helps.

"<a href="http://moodle site url" target="_top">Click Here to go back to course site</a>"

Dan Marsden

I'm wondering if the "reason" you're wanting to do this is because of all the stupid windows the SCORM player in Moodle opens? - do you want to just return them to the course homepage?

What version of Moodle are you using? - Moodle 2.2 improves this a small amount, but we also have some planned improvements in MDL-29975 that will sort it out a lot more.

Joshua Norgaard

Thank you guys for your responses.

Joe - I tried to edit the goodbye.html file, however for whatever reason this page does not appear after the course closes. When you click finish, the window closes and you are back at the launch screen.

Dan - The reason we are looking to do this is to return to the courses homepage. The "Exit Activity" button is difficult for most of our learners to find. This means we have to field a lot of "what do I do now" questions. At this point, I feel the simpelest solution may be Joe's suggested directions to Exit Activity when finished on the course homepage.