Quizmaker font size changes even though it is set in master

I'm working in the Quizmaker 13 and I am having a problem with the font sizes changing automatically depending on the size of the text box. It is also odd because when I highlight different size texts it tells me it is the same size though it clearly isn't.

Is there some preference to keep this from changing sizes on me?



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Rebecca Mac

Thank you so much!! I was hoping there was something that I could change to fix that!

Maybe you could help me with another template issue I'm having on quizmaker. I have a text box set up on my master with the correct size and placement for where I want my copy.

I am taking an unformatted quizmaker slide from the writer and applying my theme or layout to it. But the multiple choice answer copy they have provided does not go into the copy box I put on the master. So, I have to resize it manually and place it in the exact spot I've designated, manually.  I would copy and paste the copy in to my text box, but quizmaker doesn't seem to allow you to copy all the answers at once and place them in to the copy box. Any suggestions here?

Thank you!!