Quizmaker Formatting and Scoring

Jul 11, 2012

I've been using Quizmaker for about a year now and have a couple of areas that I struggle with and wondered what others do.  First, I like my quizzes to have a total final point value of 100. When the number of questions can be divided evenly into 100, that's easy. However, when I have an odd number of questions (e.g., 18), then figuring the point value for each item is a bit of a pain since I can't enter decimals. So for 18 questions, I give 10 a point value of 6 and 8 questions a point value of 5. Then I have to figure out which 10 questions should have a higher value, when in reality, all questions should have an equal value.  I'm interested if there is another way to handle this and what others do?

My second issue is related to formatting answers when there is an option like "A and B only." In this case, I have to add an alphabet letter to the beginning of each answer, so the user will know what "A and B only" refers to.  So, I simply start each answer with the alphabet letter and this works fine if the answers are short. However, if the answers are long and wrap, then the formatting is messy, since there is no option for a hanging indent of the second line of the answer.  The second line ends up flowing beneath the alphabetic letter. As a perfectionist, I then go in an add a separate text box for the alphabet letters that are separate from the answers. This is very time-consuming and, I'm sure, not worth the perfectionism. Again, I'm interested in what others do and if there is an easier way.

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Diane Yamashiro

For your second question: couldn't you just reword your question as a multiple response question? Something like, "Based on the scenario presented, which of the following are appropriate responses? (There may be more than one correct answer.) The user would still have to consider all answers as possibilities; you'd avoid the whole A/B/C thing; and you can use QM's randomizing of answers.

At the beginning of the quiz, you could include in the instructions something like, "There may be more than one correct answer on some of the questions. If more than one correct answer exists, you must select all correct answers to receive points for this answer.)"

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