Quizmaker Free Form issues

Dec 08, 2015

I have built several questions/quizzes throughout a course. Two of the free form questions are not behaving properly (they live in separate quizzes). Both work properly when previewed but have issues when published. As you can imagine, republishing repeatedly to see if the issue is resolved has become time consuming.

The issue appears to be the same for both questions (although one is a drag and drop and the other is select many). When published, the answer options seem to move. They are dropping behind other objects on the screen. Some of the images/shapes/text boxes are dropping all the way to the back, behind the background. Others are falling behind other objects on the screen so they are only partially visible. These partially visible items will jump back to the foreground (and stay there) when clicked. 

I have remade the questions within the quizzes with no luck. I have turned shuffle options on and off. I have selected all the answer options and brought them to the front. I am trying to avoid rebuilding the whole quiz. So far the only solution seems to be to delete all other objects and backgrounds on the slide; unfortunately, a stark white slide isn't what I want. 

Any help or suggestions are appreciated!

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