Quizmaker : historic of results not saved in Moodle

Hi everybody,

In moodle,I've create ad publish a quizmaker exam.

My students have 3 attempts. If they don't pass the first time, they can try again... In moodle settings I chose "grading method : highest grade"

The problem is :

Moodle save the best score but overwrites the other score.

For example =>

My student gets 40% the 1st time, he doesn't pass

he gets 70% the 2nd time, he passes

In moodle grades, I can only see 70% for my student and I have no historic of the 1st attempt.

What is the problem?

Dear articulate users, please could you help me?

I don't understand why it doesn't work now but it worked last year and I didn't change anything.

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Audrey Gaussuron

Hello everybody,

Thank you for answers.

Yes I am sorry for Moodle. I am using Moodle 1.9.6 and articulate quizmaker 09, version  3.3.1103.112

Now I have another problem in Moodle. I tried the exam 2 times :

First, I failed, then I passed with 98%

Moodle saved the good one but when I checked results, it's impossible to understand. A lot of answers are "wrong" even if I get 98%.

For example, I have this :

  • cmi.interactions_1.correct_responses_0.pattern => f
  • cmi.interactions_1.id => Question12_1
  • cmi.interactions_1.latency => 0000:00:32.6
  • cmi.interactions_1.objectives_0.id => Question12_1
  • cmi.interactions_1.result => wrong
  • cmi.interactions_1.student_response => f
  • cmi.interactions_1.time => 15:57:51
  • cmi.interactions_1.type => true-false

The correct answer was "F". My answer was "F", but I can read "result => wrong"

I am worried about the reliability of results.

The more I try to solve the problem, the worse it is :-(

Dan Marsden

One of the important things to note (mentioned in that link above) :
An attempt is not defined until the cmi.core.lesson_status for the attempt is set to either 'completed' or 'passed'. After that, the Start new attempt checkbox is available to the learner.

This means each time a learner enters the SCORM they are continuing a "previous" attempt.

I've often wondered if we should be checking other lesson_status like failed and allow a new attempt but can't remember if this was a requirement of the SCORM 1.2 spec or if it was left up to the LMS to decide.

Dan Marsden

..also should mention 1.9.6 is really old and contains a range of public related issues that could allow a hacker to seriously compromise your site - you should upgrade to at least the latest 1.9Stable release.

FYI SCORM reporting in Moodle 2.2 has improved a lot and we have a new "interactions" report that displays the interactions in a much more readable manner.