Quizmaker is not working after install

I just installed Quizmaker and it is not working correctly.  I can create a new quiz but the problem is when adding or editing a question.  If I add a question, the question editor pops up but then quickly disappears with no intervention on my part.  If I take a quiz I created on another computer and try to open a question, the program crashes.

  • I have renamed the "shared" folder as suggested for random crashes but that makes no difference.
  • This problem is occurring on both my desktop and laptop computers that I recently.
  • I am running Windows 7 on both computers.
  • I installed quizmaker and then the studio update 8.

Any suggestions?

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Brian Batt

Hi Jonathan & welcome to Heroes,

If Quizmaker crashes on launch of the program it could be caused by an issue with your Regional and Language Settings on your computer. You might be affected by this if Quizmaker crashes directly after the Articulate splash screen appears. 

To correct the problem you may need to reset your Regional and Language Settings. Here's how: 


If you continue to have problems, go into your Windows fonts folder & delete the Articulate fonts.  Then, reinstall the Articulate software.

If you continue to have issues after that, would you mind posting a screenshot of the error message?

Jonathan Shoaf

The regional settings did not make a difference.  I tried deleting the Articulate font but I could not find it on my system.  I decided to reinstall studio update 8.  This time I right clicked on the installation package an chose "Run as Administrator".  After the reinstall, it appears to now work correctly on my system.  I'm not sure if running as administrator made a difference or not but it's worth putting in to the troubleshooting tips bag of tricks.  I am an administrator on my computer but maybe doing a "run as..." allows some permissions required for the Articulate install.

Brian Batt

Hi Jonathan,

Glad to hear that you were able to resolve the issue!

On Windows 7, Windows will automatically install software based upon your lowest level permissions.  Thus, if you're apart of both the Administrators group and the regular Users group, the software will automatically be installed with the permissions from the Users group.  This is a security "feature" of the Windows operating system.