Quizmaker issues

Hi Team,

Have a couple of issues with Quizmaker that I'm trying to resolve.


1. Have tried to add pictures to the "Drag and Drop" version of question. Everytime I publish the question, the images and the rectangle box I created don't cover up the left hand words I'm trying to cover up.


2. Using the Hot Spot option for questions has an ongoing issue where once published, you will get the incorrect answer even through you are selecting the correct answer.


Can anyone provide solutions for both scenarios above. Enjoy being creating with Articulate although it can be soooo frustrating when you have completed the presentation but have to keep playing around with the publishing part which can be very time consuming.

See attached for the questions I've been working through. Problem questions are 6 & 7 (hotspot) and 8 (drag and drop)

Appreciate any help fellow Articulators can offer.


Kind regards



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Graeme Orchard

Hi Leslie, 


Thanks for the response. Realised I should have been a bit more specific.

More details are:


Publishing as WEB, The content you posted looks perfect. Can you elaborate on what you might have done differently?

In preview mode the quizmaker file would look the same as what you posted, although when I published it, one of the hot spot questions would give an incorrect answer even though you know it was the right answer, and the last question with the images in the drag and drop were hidden by the words on the left hand side. (you can see the images in the slide, they are just sitting behind the left hand word panels)

Also, I'm using powerpoint 2007 on a Windows 7 OS with Service Pack 1.


As a side note, do you experience random issues with Articulate if you have too many programs open at once? eg new information doesn't save properly. 


Maybe I need to beg my IT department to give me a laptop with more beef to it. :P (my laptop is only just over 12 months old)


Let me know if you need anymore information.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Graeme!

I'm still not seeing that behavior. How are you viewing the content? In it's intended environment?

Here is my publish to web:


I have not changed anything in your file, just publishing.

Here is slide 8 for me attached.