Quizmaker Looping

My LMS, ISOTrain, does not support Quizmaker files.  We have done lots of tests with our LMS provider and can't get the file  to pass completion data to the LMS. 

However, I can import a Quizmaker file into Articulate, which seems to work better in the LMS, although it is a little quirky. 

For example, our LMS provider told me that when the user clicks Next on the last slide in Quizmaker, that the completion data is sent to the LMS. 

However, one of our users clicked Next on the last slide and it looped him back to the first slide in the Quiz.  Any idea why this would be happening?  I do not have a Results slide at the end of the quiz.  You can't advance to the next slide in the quiz until you answer it correctly so there is no way you can fail the quiz.

Thank you

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