Quizmaker must scroll before submitting

Nov 28, 2012

Hi there,

I am having difficulty with one of my quizzes in Quizmaker.

There is a scroll bar appearing as if there is further text that isn't shown unless scrolled down. However there is nothing further down - no text/images etc. When the quiz is done, it won't allow an answer to be chosen unless the page is scrolled down. A pop-up box appears saying "You must scroll to the bottom before submitting".

This is only happening to some of the questions. Does anyone have any advice?


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Stella Bastone

I'm using Quizmaker 13 and it's doing this too. I can't find any solution to it, neither as I'm taking the quiz (in student view, I get stuck on that "must scroll down" message and no amount of scrolling gets me unstuck), nor as I'm creating it (can't find a way to change any settings). Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

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