Quizmaker not publishing all of my distractors


I have created a quiz (twice now, actually recreated it from scratch thinking the quizmaker file might have gotten corrupted) that when published, fails to publish one or more of the distractors on one or more of the questions. (pls see attached screen shot).  

Could really use some help over here as I have (1) recreated the quiz from scratch, (2) published it on another PC, and (3) rebooted my machine and re-published the entire course file.  Honestly, I've never encountered this particular issue before, and need some help at this point.



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David Anderson

Hi Alex - First of all, I'm sorry that's happening. But there are some things you can try.

The most common solution is to re-install Studio '09. Here's an article with a little more info

The next most common solution is to reinstall the Flash player. It's possible there's a problem with the plugin and reinstalling that will help. You could try this first, too.

Another issue is conflicting software. Is there any chance you have Carbonite installed? 

Alex Santos

Hi Dave,

I appreciate the reply, actually fixed the problem Saturday by uninstalling Quizmaker and doing a clean install of the program, and then republishing my quiz.  I was afraid I was going to have to jump over to that "other" tool by that company whose name shall not be spoken here and create a quiz in their authoring environment.  (Which I weaned myself off of years ago...)

Fortunately, all is well now...


Alex S.