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Jeanette Brooks

Hey Tanya! Try this:

Open your quiz in Quizmaker and click Pass result. Is the box called "Show user's score" marked? It sounds like maybe the result slide is only showing the passing score, rather than the user's actual score. Maybe that box got accidentally unmarked?

If that box isn't marked, go ahead and mark it and then click Slide View to make any adjustments to the layout of the pass result slide.

You might need to make the same change(s) to your Fail Result slide too.

Roger Brownlie

I'm having a similar problem.

I'm using Quizmaker with some blank questions containing videos. But the results slide is incorrectly scored. 

The passing grade is 100% but when I deliberately get some wrong, it says I scored 100%. When I review my answers it shows me the answers I got  wrong - yet it still scores me at 100%.

I've uploaded my project.


UPDATE: It's ok - problem solved. For some reason the last 3 questions were not assigned any points (points are visible in the last column of the main Quizmaker view).