Quizmaker on iPAD


When creating quizzes and viewing them on the iPAD sideways, the submit button does not show. 

As you can see the submit button is not there. When you view it standing upwards it is there as it should be.

But we are using this software for learning purposes and this is a big issue. 

What can we do so solve this?

When selecting "Player" > Other > and playing with the Browser sizes doesn't seem to affect the iPad either.

Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.

Also, This was posted on a site and opened in a new browser using the iPad.

Thank you,


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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon Terry, and welcome to Heroes!

We very much appreciate you sharing a screen capture of the problem, as it really helps to understand what's going on!

The large Engage Graded Questions header at the top of the browser window is not part of your Articulate Studio content and is being added by your LMS.  The result is that your Articulate Studio content is being pushed off of the screen.

You'll want to work with your LMS provider to determine how this header can be removed.  Many LMSes allow the option for content to be launched in a new window rather than in a frame within the current window, which is what you may need to do if they are unable to remove this header.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

Terry Perehinec

Hello, and thank you.

Our LMS provider is not the issue as other displays work just fine with the iPad. Articulate engage for example, with the same type of header works very well. But with Quizmaker it does not.

The issue is that the player is to large and therefore cuts off the submit button. Is there no option have the player display adjust to a certain size or smaller for the iPad in the settings once it loads?

If there is, what is the proper way of setting this up as i have tried a few things already.

This would not be useful otherwise if we can't have students use this properly.

Thank you,


Justin Grenier

Thanks for the follow-up post, Terry.

It's hard to imagine why published Articulate Engage Interactions are able to resize to accommodate your LMS header, but Articulate Quizmaker Quizzes are not.

Can you share a screen capture of an Articulate Engage Interaction that is not similarly affected?  Even better, could you privately send us links to both published outputs within your LMS so that we can observe the problem firsthand?  Thanks!