Quizmaker / Presenter 13 - quiz colors not publishing


I'm new to Articulate 13.

I updated a '09 course to '13.  The quiz colors don't seem to work.  When I'm in quizmaker & preview the quiz, the colors are fine.  Once back in powerpoint, if I preview the slide the quiz is on, none of the colors come through.

Any thoughts?

Thanks.  I'm trying to convince a client to move up to '13 ...


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Carol Rusin

OK - I get that, but I'm not sure what I can change in the player that will help.  Here's what the quiz looks like...  


if I change the player's  main bacground(i just changed the top) to red It looks like this:

BUT - what I WANT to change, is the color of the grey frame just above & below the blue box, which I believe would be the color of the "SLIDE"

in the preview:

 Which player color would that be?

(Would you happen to have a handy-dandy schematic showing which player color attributes (ex."Base Main Background",)  change which parts of the player).  Thanks.