Quizmaker "Print Results" Button Does Not Print


I just finished publishing a quizmaker 09 quiz on my local desktop.  When I play the quiz and try to print the results at the end it does not work.  I click the "Print Results" button at the end.  It then prompts me for my name, which I enter.  I click "Okay" then nothing happens.  No printing, no anything.  Please help.  Thank you!

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Waqas Shaikh

Thanks for the quick reply.  My pop-ups blocker was disabled.  For some reason, I tried the same thing again and this time a new window appears with all the results from the test.  Does the "Print Results" button automatically tell the printer to print or do I have to go to the new window with the detailed result and clock File->Print from the web browser.  Thanks for the the help.