Quizmaker Properties - After Passing the Test option

Feb 15, 2013


In Quizmaker properties I am not able to get the following option on the last quiz of my project:

"User may view slides after quiz: After passing the test"

After I publish the project the option goes back to "At any time"

I undertand that usually the last quiz of the Powerpoint will be the last slide and the option

to view slide after the quiz is not logical but in my case they are other slides after the last quiz

and I want them to pass the quiz before viewing those slides.

That option works great with my other quizzes in my Powerpoint but it just doesn't work on the last quiz, why? Anyway to go around this problem?

Thank you

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jocelyn,

I found some information that may help you with this problem:

You may find that the quiz property "User may view slides after quiz" unexpectedly reverts to its default setting of "At any time" in the following scenarios:
*  You start to publish a presentation, and then you cancel the publishing process before it has completed.
*  You go to Articulate > Publish > Articulate Online > Reporting and Tracking > click the OK button.
This is a known issue.  You can correct it by following this procedure:
1)  Go to Articulate > Publish.
2)  Select either Articulate Online or LMS.
3)  Click the Reporting and Tracking button.
4)  (If publishing for LMS, select the Tracking tab.)  Set the tracking options as desired, and click the OK button.
5)  Click the Cancel button to close the publishing wizard without actually publishing your presentation.
6)  Configure the quiz properties (http://www.articulate.com/support/presenter09/?p=19) for your embedded quiz(zes) as desired.
7)  Then publish your presentation, but ***do not click the Reporting and Tracking button during the publishing process***.
Let me know if those steps fix the problem for you.

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