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Mar 05, 2012

Hi all,

I am trying to get rid of some clunky old exam software and use Quizmaker instead. Here is my problem:

I  need to add weighting to answers, but quite intricate weighting at that. The scenario I have, is that I may have two question ‘groups’, and learners will need to pass specific weighting against each group:

Group 1 – learners needs to successfully answer 32 of 40 questions


Group 2 – learners then need to successfully answer 8 of 10 further questions.

If learners successfully answer both group of questions, they can continue/complete the course.

I have Articulate Studio and Captivate (and will be buying Storyline). Can this type of weighting be achieved by any of these.

Or are there other Quiz/Exam solutions which will help them achieve this?

Thanks guys

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David Anderson

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for posting to the forums.

Quick question: How do you need to track course completion? Number of slides? Quiz score?

You can easily set up two quizzes--one for each group--where Group 1 quiz must be completed before learners advance to the next quiz (Group 2).

You could set your LMS tracking to record slides viewed (all) since each quiz would be considered a single slide.

Let me know if that makes sense or if you have different tracking requirements.


David Anderson

Right, that's the standard tracking functionality. But you could set the Tracking to record the total number of slides viewed instead of quizzes. Because you have two mandatory quizzes, you could treat each quiz as a slide viewed while preventing the learner from advancing from one quiz slide to another until they correctly answer the required percentage of questions.

Is tracking number of slides an option?