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Jun 16, 2015

I am making a survey in quizmaker, and midway there is an opportunity for many to leave the survey - is there an exit button option I can add to a survey slide?

I have Articulate Presenter, not Storyline btw.

Thanks, Alison


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Alison  Dean

The course exit is not the question. I want to have folks be able to leave the quiz at will. Right now, while there is an exit option that shows up in the quiz, it is grayed out and nonfunctional.

I have made the quiz properties include allow user to leave quiz at any time, but it doesn't appear to work that way. I also have individually made each slide status user may skip, but that didn't help.

By the way, the exit button doesn't work for me in any course I've done (normally we just tell people to close out of explorer). We publish to LMS format and import that to Convergence.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Alison! 

Looks like you shared the published output and I was hoping for the project files as indicated above.

I did upload the content for testing and I was able to Exit out of the course.

Do you still see the same behavior in my published file? If not, you may need to look to your LMS for assistance.



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