Quizmaker quiz loads sometimes, not others

Hi, this is similar to another problem I've seen reported on this forum, but it's a slightly different flavor.  I have a Presenter '09 course that has an embedded Quizmaker quiz on a slide. I have published the course locally and tested the published course.  Quiz launches no problem from the course.  When I copy the production files to our server, I can launch the course and view all the pages, but when I get to the Quizmaker quiz, the pre-loader begins, but it just keeps spinning and the quiz never launches, and you can't go forward or backward, you have to exit.  I tried renaming the Quizmaker file to a shorter name with no spaces or special characters, and then republishing, but this does not fix the problem.

It's puzzling because the entire course works in one place on our network, and not another.  Do you have any additional advice for me?  Thanks in advance.

Eileen Cushing-Craig

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