Quizmaker quiz occasionally skips questions


I've got a weird issue with my quizmaker quizzes in the course that I'm building.

I posted a while ago here http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/6773/38175.aspx#38175 about a challenge with the course where we wanted to reward learners that got 100% in all 5 mini tests of our course. I was finding this difficult because Articulate only lets you track one test within a single SCORM package.

The solution I came up with, which I think is pretty neat, was the following:

I created 2 groups of identical questions within each quiz. At the end of the first group, I put a blank slide on which was displayed a 'secret word', and branched the quiz to finish after that slide. At the end of the second group, there is no extra slide and the quiz is branched to finish at the final question. I then branched every incorrect response in the first set of questions to go to the next question in the SECOND question group. So, if they get every question correct, they never get branched to the second question group, and get to see the blank slide at the end of the quiz. Otherwise, they don't see the slide, but to all other intents and purposes, the test looks exactly the same.

The course instructs them to write down the 'secret word', and by collecting all words from all tests, they can build a sentence which they can use at the very end of the course, where I've placed a quizmaker fill in the blank question, with the bonus content placed on the pass slide and the pass rate set to 100%.

This is working perfectly for me, but I have a problem - very occasionally, when taking any of these branched quizzes with the slide containing the secret word, it skips over one of the questions. A question flashes up on the screen, but before I get a chance to answer it, it vanishes and the next question appears. Unlike a similar problem I've read about that other users of Quizmaker are getting, the question doesn't show up later in the quiz. I can continue taking the quiz, and even get the 100% score, but that is because it is scoring me for the questions I answered. If I retry the quiz, the question will show as normal. As I say, this is an intermittent fault so I'm finding it very hard to test for. I've checked my branching a number of times and all looks correct to me. I'm nevertheless thinking that this behaviour might be related in some way to the unusual way I've set up my questions.

Is anyone able to advise, share experiences, or even just tell me the cause and the fix? Thanks for taking the time to read my lengthy post...!

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Peter Anderson

Hey, Pete!

That's an awesome use of branching you've got going! Love the creativity! But because I'm not able to reproduce the issue, if you'd like to send us the .QUIZ file for the quiz(zes) that are skipping questions, we'd be happy to take a closer look at them. You can do that here:


Go ahead and include the url for this thread in the case info. Thanks!

Pete Sheppard

Thanks for the input Phil. So, if I'm getting you right, I'd be setting the quiz as random, but forcing it to proceed in an order by setting the next slide in the branching options?

The only thing is that I can't lock the questions to the one above and below as I have it set up with two duplicate groups of questions, and I need it to switch between the groups if the user gets the wrong answer. However, based on your advice I am going to try changing all the remaining options in my test that are set at default to point to the slides I want them to go to, try switching on randomisation, and see where it gets me.

Peter Anderson

Hey Joe!

Have you tried Phil's suggestion from above as a makeshift fix? It's helpful if you have a small group of questions that you need to ensure are asked in a specific order. Also, If you have your questions set to randomize, anchor the very last question to the bottom of the quiz, and it should keep the player from skipping questions and/or ending the quiz early.

Hope that's helpful...

Dave Lewis

I realize this is an old post but we are experiencing what appears to be the same issue.  We created a 10 question quiz with a results slide.  We wanted to force them to answer all questions before completing so we made the quiz results 100% completion and each slide in the quiz won't move forward until they answer the answer correctly.  However, in 4 out of 382 times, it  skips a question without the users knowledge then gives them a fail at the end because they only got 90%.  From the trainee perspective they answered all questions correctly.  We tested this extensively on ScormCloud and our LMS but it's hard to track down the issue since it happens so infrequently.  In investigated the randomize solution but can't figure out how to do that in storyline 2...perhaps i'm missing something here.  Is there anything that we can check that might be causing this issue?



Christie Pollick

Hi, Dave -- Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues! As you mentioned this is an older thread and some participants may no longer be subscribed, you are welcome to reach out to individuals directly using the 'Contact Me' link on their profile pages. 

You may also want to check out this information on Unexpected or Erratic Behavior, and see if running through the repair steps listed is helpful, then test once again in the SCORM Cloud or the intended environment. 

Please let us know if issues persist, and you are welcome to share your file if you would like us to do some testing on our end, as well.