Quizmaker Quizes going crazy!

Aug 05, 2011

Here's the background of my project:

I'm working on a course repurposing project.  First, I'm revising the current course.  Next I'm copying the current course and saving it as a new course with a new name.  I'm making tweaks to the new course so it fits a new audience.

This is what I did:

I copied and pasted the original course file and renamed the new course folder and the new PowerPoint.

Both courses are saved in separate folders on the same drive. 

The folders have different names.

I revised the names of the quizmaker files inside the new course folder. 

I removed the original quizmaker files from the new course by clicking the "Quizmaker Quiz" icon, looked in the "Quiz Slide Window."  I highlighted the quiz inside the window and clicked the "remove" button.  I went through this process for each original quiz in the window. 

When all the original quizzes were removed and the "Quiz Slides window" was empty, I manually loaded each new, quizmaker file from my new course folder using the "Add Existing" button.  I'm assuming this process created a new path for the quizzes that I would revise.

Here's the crazyness!

When I revise a quiz in the new course, it often makes the change in the original course.  I've confirmed more than once that I have the correct files in the right course file folders and that I connected them correctly to the course.  Sometimes, when I revise a quiz in the new course, that quiz will appear in the other course when its saved.  I'll find 2 quizmaker place holder slides, side-by-side in my original course:  one from the old class and one from the new class.

Please share any advice about:

1.  Saving a current course for repurposing to create a new course.

(Am I doing this correctly......copying and pasting the course folder then renaming the contents)

Is there a better way to save a course for repurposing?

2.  Connecting quizmaker quizzes to courses

Why is my quiz from a new course appearing in the original course as a slide?

3.  How can I solve my crazy quiz problem?  Why are quizzes jumping from one course to the other.

I'm an eLearning intern and have some experience with Articulate and hope to solve this issue and add this knowledge to my brain!  Please help me stop and prevent this craziness in the future!

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