Quizmaker Radio Button Shape


In all the years I have worked with QM, I have never spotted the difference between "round" radio buttonsfor where the question is single-multiple-choice, the "square" ones are for a "multiple response" question.

This was picked up by a client reviewer of mine, (rather unsurprisingly on a course for Data Management and Corporate Data Accuracy!)

Is there any way to make them all the same? I know that some features of QM can be hidden a bit, and just wondered if this could be set to a standard.



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Phil Mayor

Hi Bruce

This is actual a common convention for GUIs radio button you can select one option and square means you can select more than one, look at websites and windows, OS X they all follow this convention, I would sell it as a feauture that users will be familiar with, sorry I dont know a fix, but I wouldnt change it anyway