QuizMaker report and printing

I have set my quiz to print a report but it won't print.  Actually, the report doesn't show up at all.  I published my quiz and uploaded it to our server and everything works beautifully, as all of my quizmaker quizzes do, but no report.  I need for my participants to be able to print their survey responses. 

I looked in the published folder and the report shows up there.  Any ideas???

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Lynda Claspy

Yes, On the "Survey Results" area I clidked "Allow user to review quiz" and "Allow user to print results."   I did not check "Prompt the user for their name before printing."  I believe I tried that and it didn't help, so I removed that checkmark.

Thanks for getting back with me!  I really need to make this work!

Peter Anderson
Hi Lynda,
Being that the Print Results button launches a file called the report.html in a new window, it's common for pop up blockers to prevent the file from loading. Therefore, I recommend that you disable any pop up blockers that you have running. Then, could you please do the following to see if it resolves the issue you are having? 

1) Upgrade your version of the Flash Player to the latest version: 


2) Clear your cache. You can do this in Internet Explorer by going to 
Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> Temporary Internet Files and select 
Delete Cookies and Delete Files. 
3) Under the Security tab, click on the Internet, Local intranet, Trusted Sites, and Restricted Sites and select Default level for each. 
4) Under the Privacy tab make sure that is set to the Default level. 
5) Under Advanced click Restore advanced settings and click OK. 
6) Restart your web browser.
7) Let me know if that does the trick...
Peter Anderson

Do you get the results page if you publish locally, rather than to your server?

I'll continue working on this, but in the meantime, if you'd like to upload your files for our support engineers to take a closer look at, you can do that here:


If you do submit a case, feel free to leave the case number here so that I can follow it closely. Thanks for your patience!

Brittany Major

Hi there,

I'm experiencing the same issue, where the print quiz report.html is not working, on a course I am creating. I created it in English first, and the print quiz report.html was working fine, and now I have recreated the course in French and the report.html for quizzes is not working. It opens, but only the "Date/Time" header shows up. I've followed all of the steps mentioned in this stream (ensuring "allow user to view results" is selected and I installed the most recent flash player). Any other ideas? How did this issue finally get resolved?

Any help you could provide would be HUGELY appreciated! Thanks,


Peter Anderson

Hey Brittany, welcome to Heroes!

If you select the option to print your results, then save the results as an html file to your local drive, and only see the Date/Time header when viewing the results in Internet Explorer, then you are seeing a limitation of IE with dynamically generated content. 

IE will not save the generated HTML to disk, only the original script used to generate the HTML. As a result there will be no quiz data to display. 

Print results feature will work as expected when the end-user prints the results to a printer.

Hope that's helpful

Kelly Edmonds

Hello! I have successfully changed the final quiz report look and can see it when I launch my quiz into Articulate Online. However, I need to quiz to be embedded/imported into a Storyline project. When I import the same quiz the amended report.html does not follow and I get the stock report when I do the quiz in a published Storyline project. How can I get the amended report to show in Storyline??


Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Colleen! Storyline does send the full details of a learner's quiz results when you publish to LMS, the tricky part is, every LMS is different as far as their reporting features. Some enable you to report on a very granular level of detail, and some not so much. You can take a look at all the data that Storyline sends by checking out this knowledgebase article. What you might need to do is dig around in your LMS's reporting features to see if you can customize the reports so that they contain the level of detail you're looking for.

Sheri Lynn

Can someone help with printing quizzes? I have looked at the discussion boards, flash and pop up requirements. When I go to print the quiz the box opens to add my name and then I hit enter and nothing happens.  It does no open to a new window with the name and quiz results.

What can I try next. I have Studio 13.