Quizmaker Report Translation Needed

Hi Team!

I downloaded the SCORM session report for a quiz but am not sure how to determine which slide the result is referring to. Here's an example of some slide interaction IDs.


The quiz is not randomized. I would think the names refer to question #1 since it says slide 1. However, when I look at the details of the 'Correct Response', these don't seem to be the same questions as all the correct responses are different on each of these IDs.
Can someone please help me make sense of the report.

Thanks in advance!

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Philip Deer

Hi Leslie,
The file is about 213 MB, so it's probably too large to load here.
Can I share it with you via Dropbox or some other method? If so, what's your email, please.

We had been pulling reports previously without any issues.
Also, I just double checked the file and none of the questions groups are randomized.
How should we proceed?