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I am working to create a test in quizmaker and want to provide the test results and feedback for ONLY incorrect responses once the test is submitted.  Is this possible? I have found the feedback that shows both correct and incorrect responses but don't see a way to show feedback on only incorrect responses.  Is this possible?  Can the branching function be used after submission of all test questions?  Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to the community, Tammy!

You can do this pretty easily, actually. If you'd like to provide only feedback on the incorrect response, all you'll need to do is remove all of the text from the correct feedback option within your question.

From Form View, select the text for the correct response under the section for "Set Feedback and Branching" and delete it:

After doing this, your users should no longer receive the correct feedback prompt after submitting their response. As long as the incorrect feedback remains they will still receive feedback if they answer incorrectly.

For your last question on branching, how exactly do you want this to learn? Are you wanting the users to branch to a blank slide in Quizmaker, or are you wanting to branch to a slide in a Presenter presentation?

Thanks and welcome again, Tammy!


Tammy Franqueiro

Thanks for your reply Christine.  The way I would like this set up is for the learner to take the entire  test (a final exam for a course) and then to have the results to display showing the responses for those questions.  Is this possible (rather than displaying immediately after each question is submitted)?



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Tammy,

You could set up branching, but that would probably need to happen when the learner submits their question as well. Or, if they fail the quiz, you could branch them to a custom/blank slide that contains the correct responses and possibly some feedback. You wouldn't be able to provide specific choice feedback using the additional slide after they've completed the quiz, though - if you're OK with providing general feedback though, it may be something to consider.



Leslie McKerchie

Hello Tracy and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for contacting us and sharing what you would like to create.

Is it possible for the learner to review only the incorrect questions?

Absolutely. It looks like you have an Articulate 360 subscription which includes Storyline 360 and this is a feature available within the software, but not within Quizmaker 360.

Allow Learners to Review and Retry Only Incorrect Questions

If you need to import your Quizmaker 360 quiz into Storyline 360 to take advantage of this feature, be sure to check out the instructions here.