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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Diane, and welcome!   Yep, Quizmaker works with any SCORM- or AICC-compliant LMS. If your quiz is standalone (i.e., not embedded within a course), you can publish the quiz for LMS and then upload the resulting output to your LMS. The reports you'll be able to run will depend on what particular LMS you're using, but yes, that sort of data is definitely passed to the LMS by Quizmaker.

If your quiz is part of a course that you build with Presenter, you would publish the whole course for LMS, and in the publishing options, you would want to specify that you are tracking the results of the inserted quiz.

If you don't already have an LMS, another option is to use Articulate Online, which is a hosted service that works a lot like an LMS. You can use it to track and report on any Articulate-published content that you create.

Diane Boewe

Thank you so much Jeanette!  I will be learning more about the client's LMS this week as we begin testing our prototype (Quizmaker stand alone).  Thank you for verifying that more than the final score is passed to the LMS.

On a side note, thank you for all the wonderful posts you submit, tutorials you develop, and ideas you share!  I've learned a lot from you!

Diane Boewe

The client has been testing the quiz on their LMS and the leearner's final score is being passed to the LMS but not which questions they answered correctly and/or which questions they answered incorrectly.

Can anyone help me explain to the client where this information is, so they can pull it to the LMS?  Thanks!

Brian Batt

Hi Diane,

The following article will show you which data is being sent to your LMS from Quizmaker quizzes:


Please note that it is up to your LMS to determine how to process and display the data that is being sent to it.  Bear in mind that some LMS's may not be able to process the data the way that you are looking for.

Also, please be aware that SCORM 2004 provides more robust data for tracking and reporting than SCORM 1.2 or AICC.  If your LMS supports SCORM 2004, you may want to consider publishing your Articulate content for SCORM 2004 to see if this provides the tracking and reporting you desire from your LMS.  To learn more about SCORM, see: