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Hi all,


Be careful when importing Quizmaker questions.


Here is our story:

We developed an IV Cannulation quiz only with a PASS score of 90% in early 2017.

In January 2018 we developed an entire IV Cannulation course from new. We imported the old questions into the new content and did not check the box to say “import results slide”. However, despite not clicking the button, the results slide still came across with the imported questions.

Here is the catch, we changed the quiz score from 90% to 80% in the quiz property settings and published the course to LMS. A number of our users contacted us stating they received a score of 85% and the LMS stated it was incomplete. So, we ran the course through SCORM cloud and sure enough in the debug log at the bottom of the page the MasteryScore = 90%. ( I have attached a screen shot if you’re interested)

So, it appears the quiz property is not changing the MasteryScore in the imsmanifest.xml file.

How we fixed it:

We removed the Quizmaker results slide and inserted another results slide. This appears to have solved the issue.

I guess, we wanted to share this with you so you did not end up spending hours and hours trying to fix this issue.

Cheers Jill


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