Quizmaker score results do not appear

After creating the quiz, I went into slide view and re-arranged the standard layout for the results screen, using a few different Articulate formatting designs. All of the codes and text appear. When I take the test, I get everything except for the final test scores. I've got the show pass and fail buttons checked. Can you help, please? 

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Charles Paul

Thanks, but that didn't work. I've attached two jpgs that show the correct boxes checked in form view, and the code for the results in "slide view. When the test is completed I can see everything but the actual scores for both pass and fail results.  I really appreciate your assistance. 

Charles Paul

That didn't work, either.Each question has from the beginning had an assigned point value of 10. 

I did change the location of the elements on both the pass and fail results slide. 

I did notice that the very first question did not provide a "correct" or "incorrect" response, so I deleted that question and recreated it.

After performing all of this, I saved the file. 

None of that had any effect.

Thank you for your continued help here.  

Peter Anderson

Sorry for the trouble, Charles. If you'd like to upload your files and submit a support case, we'd be happy to take a close look at your files and hopefully find a solution. Our support engineers are fantastic, and would be in contact with you shortly:


Please be sure to include a description of the issue, your version of Windows and your version of Quizmaker '09. Please also include the URL for this thread so we can follow up with you in the forums. Thanks, and good luck!

Charles Paul

Yes there was. I simply placed a colored rectangle behind the score code box, and there it was. I don't know why I had to do this as I was using one of the standard formats built into Quizmaker, but for some reason every other box with code could be seen except for the final score. The cool part was the excellent professional and prompt response I received from the tech folks. I was in a bind and they figured out the work-around. 

Dawn Chamberlin

Unfortunately, the rectangle fix is not working for me. I have two quizzes built as game style practice activities they are both derived from a template I created. They are almost exact duplicates with the exception of the images that are loaded as backgrounds and the questions and answers. One quiz works fine and displays the score and passing score. The other quiz will not display either score. I tried placing the rectangle behind all four boxes with no results. Does anyone else of another workaround?