Quizmaker - Scores other than numbers

Is there a way to score answers other than numbers from 1-10? I am building a leadership attributes self-assessment (so survey template) in Quizmaker which I'll then import into Presenter. Learners respond to a statement like "I take informed risks, accept responsibility for mistakes and take time to learn and share" with choices such as "Frequently", "Some of the Time" and "Rarely". If they selected "Frequently" it indicates that they have been demonstrating the leadership attribute"Takes Responsibility". What I want the Quizmaker to do is that at the end (and only at the end) of the 36 questions, it shows the learner their score results on the 9 leadership attributes.  For example, they scored high (4 out of 4) on leadership attribute "Takes Responsibility", but low on "Exercises Sound Judgement" (0 out of 4). The self-assessment will then lead them to the development of their leadership attributes objectives and learning plan... which will then be inserted into their performance objectives/ review.  Am I in the right tool? Can this be done?

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