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Hoping someone can help clear something up for me.  I have been working on a quizmaker file with "weighted reponses", each response has a different point value.  When I pull the report the point value to each response is not listed, nor is an overall score listed, I CAN see the response selected. 

Based on the information I have found, Articulate content does not currently use this item (in ANY version), so WHY is this feature present in the software???????

Here is article on data sent to LMS in Quizmaker:  https://articulate.com/support/article/quiz-data-sent-to-an-lms-in-articulate-quizmaker-13

Any support would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks so much!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michelle,

It sounds like you've assigned score points based on how the user answered on each question? That data is calculated towards the total results score and percentage required on your results slide. The final results slide is what should be reporting the total score to your LMS, and passing the other quiz data mentioned. It won't pass the individual points assigned to each answer, if that's what you're looking to see within the weighting. 

Since you're not seeing the score in your LMS at all - I'd want to know a bit more about your setup! 

  • What tracking/completion settings did you use in Quizmaker?
  • What LMS are you hosting the course in? 
  • Have you tested it anywhere else, such as SCORM Cloud? 
Michelle Adams

Hi Ashley,


Thank you so much for the response!!!

Apologies on the delay.  Please see my responses below:

1.  Yes,  points are assigned based on the users response to the question.  I do want to see the points assigned based on the response.  The project is for an NPS based survey, so the reponses are rated just as NPS responses are.

2.  Tracking/Completion Settings are:  Completed/Incomplete

3.  LMS:  LearnSource  (I am not sure if this is what you are looking for, if it's not just let me know and I will see what additional info I can find)

4.  No I have not tested it anywhere else outside of our internal LMS.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Linda,

Storyline 360 is similar to Quizmaker 360. You can see the data that is sent to an LMS in this documentation:

Storyline Sends This Quiz Data to an LMS

The answer will be reported and the score, but not the individual points per question.

I look forward to hearing from anyone in the community that has come up with a custom method and report to get the individual point values.