Quizmaker Sequence Drag-and-Drop, change font size, resize answers

I'm guessing this isn't easily done if at all.  I want to do a sequence drag-and-drop with ten tasks, each decribed in a one-line sentence, more or less.  And, I'd like to have all ten fit on one screen without veritical scrolling.  Sequence Drop-down allows moving the answer boxes to reduce space between them, and it doesn't have numbering.  Sequence Drag and Drop apparently won't allow moving the answer objects closer together, or delete the numbering to give more space to the left.  I'd also like to reduce the font size of the sentences in the answers to keep each to only one line, and if possible, reduce the size of each answer object box to reduce white space between answers, so I can get all ten sentences on one screen without vertical scrolling.

Here's a SnagIt image of my screen as it stands.  Can I change answer fonts and sizes, object size, and drop the numbering?

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Frank  Bialas

Yeah, that's what I thought after reading the same post in Support, that the only action of what I wanted would be to change the font type.  That still leaves the answer objects' size, location and numbering unalterable, so I'd be left with lots of white space and vertical scrolling though the drag-and-drop list. 

Sequence drop-down lets me move the objects and size the box to put all the ten items on one screen, but the user still has to scroll through the potential answers in the selections window to pick 'em.   That's good enough for now, I think.