Quizmaker settings not showing up when published

Nov 23, 2013

I have everything set in Quizmaker player and it shows up perfect when I preview in
Quizmaker (such as question list on top left and title).  However when I publish it none of this shows up!  There must be a setting that enables it in Presenter that I don't see.  I do have it set to custom in slide properties rather than default - but I did actually try both.  

Also, what setting will allow quiz questions to pop up numbered with correct/incorrect icons showing.  Again, I did enable this in Quizmaker player but it does not show up. 

Appreciate any help!!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anna,

Are you using Studio 13? If so, when importing the Quizmaker file into a Presenter course, they will use a seamless player and take on the elements of the Presenter set up so items like the question list will not be carried over. If you'd like to see the ability to include the question list as a part of the Presenter player when importing a Quizmaker file I'd suggest submitting a feature request.  The properties you can change for a Quizmaker file inserted into Presenter are included here. 

Anna Powless

Thank you for responding.  Yes, I understand about Presenter (yes, I am using Studio 13) but I am talking about a feature that you have in your tutorial and job aid on line.  I am asking for what it shows here as one of the existing  Quizmaker features.  ?!?



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