QuizMaker Studio file name incorrect when publishing to Word Doc

I have been working with two seperate quizzes, and have made sure to rename the project, and title of each seperately, however when I publish both to a Word Doc output, the name of the second exam is identical to the file name of the first, even though I have confirmed the following are indeed seperate:

  • Project File Name
  • Project Name under Project Properties
  • Title under Player
  • Title and Description when publishing to Word
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Katie Riggio

Sorry you've come across this oddity, Steve. I'd love to help!

I tried to recreate the file name behavior in a new Quizmaker file with no luck. Here's a Peek 360 screencast (< 1:30 mins) of my troubleshooting steps.

A few questions to help us dig deeper:

  • Is this happening with other Publish formats, or is it specific to the Word one?
  • Where are the .quiz files saved?
  • With your permission, I'd like to test the two .quiz files. You can share it publicly here, or share it privately with me here. I'll delete it when we nail down the culprit!
Katie Riggio

Hi, Steve, and those following along here!

I'm circling back to share that we have an issue where the quiz title and file name displayed in Word does not match the one in Quizmaker.
I'm sorry for the trouble, and appreciate you letting us know about this oddity. This discussion is tagged on our report so we can share any updates here!
Steve Mullins

Thanks Katie.. I look forward to hearing when you can find a solution. It's not a critical issue, but more of an annoyance which would be good to have resolved. We often use the Word Doc versions to have our knowledge experts review our quiz questions and having the wrong title can be confusing :)