Quizmaker Styleguide

Feb 05, 2014


Am wondering if at all there are any standard quizmaker style guide for presenter 2009?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sri and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 

I'm not sure that I am following what you are asking for.

We have some information on Player Colors (including both Quizmaker and Presenter information) if you are wanting to understand that:

Quizmaker '09

Presenter '09

There are also various templates and course assets that may be of benefit to you here.

sri ranjini

Hi Lesile,

Thank you for your reply.

I have another question for you.

Can we add an introduction page in quizmaker 2009? Though i tried adding a blank page and tried to preview it, i see that the question numbers, question " all these titles are displayed wherein in the intro page i wanted only the title to come in?

It there a way to avoid to buttons, timer, question (titles)?

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