Quizmaker 'Submit' button fails in html5

Today I have received calls from students saying that their Quizmaker quiz submit button fails (grays out and doesn't) function when they try to submit the correct answer using an iPad. I have duplicated this in Scormcloud using an iPad on the html5 produced version (not mobile app option). Some have indicated problems also using a laptop but I could not duplicate this.

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Steve Young

Ill chime in our solution for anyone else suffering from this. We have identified the issue to the audio being embedded in the feedback layer. We had audio giving information beyond what was typed in the feedback box (Correct / Incorrect). The only work around was to remove the audio from the quizzes' feedback layer and republish to our LMS. No other solution has been presented at this time. Looks like this is the best short term solution to have functional quizzes on an iOS 9 iPad / iPhone.

We also have the double letter typing issue too. IItt llookkss lliikkee tthhiiss. When I use the undo button on the iPads built in keyboard it takes out one of the duplicated letters and you can also use the backspace button to delete the remaining letters. When you click on the words that are generated automatically above the keys those copy into the survey / short answer boxes without a problem. I have heard issues with the iframe HTML code doing this in Safari in storyline due to some sort of "echo" among the frames but did not find any reference to it in quizmaker. At this point I am hoping for a software fix from articulate to resolve this issue as I do not want to modify the js code that is mentioned in the storyline forum then re-upload all of our files. While this is an annoyance; I do not see spending 2 weeks fixing all of our lessons again just to rectify this as a good use of time.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steve, 

Thanks for reaching out here in regards to the issues you've encountered with Quizmaker and your HTML5 output. As for the first situation, I took a look at Doug's case and it seems our team determined the file had become corrupt, and they were able to build a new file that worked as expected. You'll also want to make sure you're working with the latest update of Quizmaker available here. 

I don't see a report of the double letter/typing in regards to the Quizmaker output in HTML5 on an iPad - so I'd be curious if you've connected with our Support engineers to that we can take a further look at this? As per the thread here, the issue was in Storyline 1 and it does not exist in Storyline 2.  If you'd like us to take a look at your .quiz files we'd be happy too and you can share with our team here. 

Steve Young

Good Morning Ashley,

I had also submitted a separate request on a different file than Doug did
with an issue in iOS 9. Support determined that it was a problem in the
feedback layer and quizmaker was not generating the audio properly which
was why the lesson froze after you clicked submit. No fix was presented
back to me so we went ahead with our fix of removing the audio. I did not
have time to get a resolution to the double entry in iOS 9 at that time.
When I have more time and this is a higher priority issue for us I will
look into it further. I was just hoping a patch would come along that would
fix that for me without having to do too much more work. We identified an
issue in Android too, but that will also have to wait. Rebuilding our
quizzes every time there is an OS upgrade / Articulate upgrade is going to
be time consuming. It takes 2 weeks to fix them, it would take 2-3 months
to remake them altogether.

Thanks for the reply!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Steve - and I'm glad you were able to share the solution here for your audio issue. Hopefully you won't have to rebuild, but the Articulate Updater would allow you to update the courses for the issues with iOS9 such as detailed here.  If you can share a link or access to one of your files and more information on what you saw in Android as well, we can take a look at the behavior and determine if there is a fix or if it needs to be reported to our QA team. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Certainly understand Steve - and I looked up your case, and see that you and Doug were discussing some of these items with Rowie. I wasn't aware that you and Doug were working together - but it looks like Rowie has shared the audio/feedback layer issue with our Quality Assurance team for additional review. 

Robert Knapp

Has this "audio feedback causing the submit button to grey out" been addressed yet? I am experiencing the same problem - audio for the question, audio for correct, and audio for incorrect = a quiz which works like a charm when previewed, but when published produces a greyed out submit button, no feedback pop ups, and an unusable quiz. When I remove the audio from the correct and incorrect feedback results, quiz works like a charm when published. My client specifically asked for narration of the correct and incorrect feedback results, and I, seeing the option plainly available in Quizmaker, assured her it was possible. How do I fix this bug before I am forced to call myself a liar and let my client down?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rob!

This issue is still in the hands of our QA Team and I do not have an update to provide at this time. I will share this thread with the team so that they are aware of the users impacted and so that we can update when applicable.

It seems to only affect the HTML5 content. I'm not aware of a workaround outside of utilizing just the flash content or not having the audio.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello everyone! I wanted to pop in and let you know that Studio '13 Update 9 was released today which included a fix for:

Fixed issue where the submit button wouldn't work in HTML5 output when a feedback layer had audio

You can read all of the details in this documentation and download the latest update here.