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I want to create an assessment in Quizmaker using survey questions. The goal is to provide the user a total score and provide categories on the Results slide for the participant to see what category fits them.

When I use Likert questions for the assessment, I get no score on the Results slide. How do I fix this?

Thanks so much. 

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Ann Yak

Thanks, Ashley. I managed to search around on Google and found an old Screenr from Jeanette Brooks on self-scoring assessments that explained an alternative that will work for me. I definitely miss the Search option in the new community and hub :)

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ann,

We still have searching in the forums - if anything it's better! If you look at the top of any page, right next to your profile pick, you'll see a little magnifying glass icon - click there to search. 

Also when you reply via email sometimes your signature is included. If you'd like to update that, you're welcome to edit your post.