Quizmaker Technical Questions

Can you change the color of the fill in the radio button when you select a question? Currently the color is light blue.

One of my questions has a different background color. As you place the cursor over an answer a highlight color appears which is the length of the question. On one question the highlight is darker than all the rest of the questions in the quiz. The slide background color is the same for all slides.

Can you import HTML? I think the answer is no.

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Jeanette Brooks

Hello Marty

These tutorials should help with your first two questions:

Changing the Color of Radio Buttons

Changing the Hover Color on Quiz Questions

BTW, the hover color you choose will be the same throughout all slides in your quiz, but because it's a semitransparent color, it may appear darker on slides where the slide background is darker.

Regarding your question about importing:  currently, Quizmaker '09 doesn't provide a way to import from other sources except from other Quizmaker files. However, you might be able to save a little time by copying/pasting text from your html source and your quiz.

Hope that helps!