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Jan 26, 2012

Hello...I'm having a weird issue with my quizmaker projects in a course.

When I open my quizmaker quiz (I have 6 lesson reviews embedded in my course), the title screen title text is centered and the Hotspot question text is left-aligned. When I make an update and click Save & Return to Presenation, the title text becomes left-aligned and all my Hotspot question text gets centered. It seems this is only happening with the title text and Hotspot question text.

It's very bizarre and just started happening out of the blue. At first, all of them did this. I was able to fix most of them, but there's now one that will not stop doing this whether I edit the source file from within the course or just by opening the file seperately. It seems that once I get it fixed, then a different quiz will start doing the same thing. Very very frustrating! I saw a post on this in the old forum, but it wasn't the exact same thing.

I'm attaching a screen shot showing what it looks like in QM edit mode and what it looks like when it's embedded in the course. Any assitance would be grealy appreciated. I am working in PowerPoint 2010 and have the latest Quizmaker update.


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Peter Anderson

Hey Bryan!

Sorry for the trouble. Do you want to send us your .QUIZ file for the quiz that's experiencing the issue? Our support engineers would be happy to take a close look and work with you to find a solution. You can do that here:


Feel free to leave your case number here as well, so I can follow it personally. Thanks!

Bryan Genier

Thanks Peter...I think I may have narrowed down the issue to the slide master, which to be honest, I've never really played with that much. This all started when I applied a different background to my questions than the one I had with the title slide. Although, it's still odd to me that only the Hotspot questions seem to be affected.

I thought I had it figured out, but now even though I have two masters, one for the slide and one for questions, it keeps applying the question background to all the slides on publish even though that's now what I see when open the file in edit view. I will upload my quizmaker file so you can take a look.

Thank you for your quick reply!


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