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What's the shortest amount of time a student may have to answer a Quizmaker question? It appears I can require them to answer any given question in 1 second increments. Yet, if I try to set the limit for 15 seconds, it reverts to 30 after I've applied the change. Is there any way to override that default? I need lickety-split responses to mimic real-world application of knowledge.

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Crisa McCarty

In Quizmaker, open the Quiz Properties from the top navigation menu. Click Quiz Info. Select End quiz after ___ minutes ____ seconds. As I'm inserting 1 question quizzes seperated by narrative slides, I thought I'd set the questions to about 15 seconds. But it keeps reverting to 30 seconds after I close the dialog box.

The slides tell them a story and a quick decision must be made to mimic real-life decisionmaking in this instance (new supervisor training.)  We've now attached a countdown to the quiz slides, but is that the best solution? I am attaching the file as far as it is developed currently.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Crisa!

Sorry for the delay in getting back with you, but you had a question that made us dig a bit. Yes, 30 seconds is what it keeps defaulting to. You are actually taking advantage of the timer that is for a total quiz, so normally quizzes have more than one question, so higher time intervals make sense.

I'm going to paste a suggestion below for a way that may help you accomplish what you are trying to do.  

  • Rather than using Quizmaker for single-question decision-making scenarios, I’d create the question right in PowerPoint just like any other slide.
  • Record 15 seconds of narration for the slide (even if it’s just silence), or import a 15-second audio file. This establishes the time  
  • Lock the slide in Slide Properties.
  • Set the slide to advance automatically (in Slide Properties).
  • Branch the question slide to the “Incorrect” feedback slide (in Slide Properties). If the learner doesn’t answer in time, it’ll automatically advance to the “Incorrect” or remedial feedback slide.
  • Add hyperlinks to the answer choices. Link all wrong answers to the “Incorrect” feedback slide. Link the right answer to the “Correct” feedback slide.

 You could even use three feedback slides if you’d like: Correct,Incorrect, and Time’s Up. In that case, you’d branch the question slide to the Time’s Up feedback slide.


I hope this helps you with your project Have a great day!