Quizmaker vs. Captivate Throwdown

Hello All!

I'm at a crossroads now between Articulate and Adobe.  My company will only pay for one or the other. 

I currently have a quizmaker interaction that consists of 10 true/false questions.  Instead of asking the questions one at a time, I need to add ALL of the questions to reside on a single page.

I have not found a way to do with using Quizmaker - is there a way to do this using the Articulate software?  I have found a way using Captivate.

Any feedback will be much appreciated.

I have the example interaction, but I cannot publically post it, contact me offline and I'll send a screenshot if need be.  Let me know if this question is not clear.


Ryan Curran


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Steve,

Displaying multiple quiz questions on one quiz slide isn't something that's currently supported in Quizmaker. One approach would be to use a multiple-response question to simulate several true/false questions. You could have a "true" column and a "false" column and have learners mark the correct column for each statement, similar to this example. However, you can only have up to 10 total responses on one multiple-response question, so to accommodate all 10 of your questions (which would add up to 20 possible choices), you'd need to split the question across two slides. Would that work for your situation?

James Brown

Jeanette is correct but there are other reasons why you would not wish to add all the questions on one slide. From a design perspective, people typically do not like to scroll if possible and I would suggest breaking up the questions into multiple slides to avoid scrolling. Honestly I don't get the idea behind a T / F question unless it's geared towards a strait forward response. I.e. Do you agree that blue is prettier than green? T/F.  Plus with a T/F question you have a 50/50 shot at getting the right answer? At a minimum I would suggest using multiple guess. Now they only have a 25% shot at getting the answer correct.

Good luck

George Blomgren

Hi Ryan, For what it's worth, until recently I was a dyed in the wool Captivate fan. Once I started doing a lot of quizzes, I ran into some genuinely buggy behavior in Captivate's quizzing capabilities. After repeated attepts to get help, Adobe engineers confirmed that my problems were bugs, but offered neither a promise they would be fixed, nor any kind of timeline. About that time, I got my hands on a copy of Articulate. I can't always get Articulate to do what I want and there are some things that Captivate does better, but I'm never going back. Articulate files are a lot less buggy and when I encounter issues, the support is phenomenal.

Good luck!